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George CoxBONDAGE BOOTS George Cox

源自70年代George Cox為Vivienne Westwood製作的經典款式,George Cox重新製作的完全復刻版本,採用上級的皮革製作。

廣為七零年代龐克樂團著用,Sex pistols及其經紀人Malcolm McLaren都是其愛好者。


43 Responses to “BONDAGE BOOTS / George Cox”

  • M:


  • Dean:

    Hi can you ship these to the UK ? Size 10 please send details thanks


  • chaospunk:

    M: 連結在此
    Sorry, There is no size 10 in our store.

  • Kate:

    Do you stock any womens bondage boots? And do you ship to the UK please? Sorry to bother you- unfortunately I cannot read your site but am very interested in any womans boots you may have.

    Thank you!

  • chaospunk:

    Hi, Kate
    Thanks for your interest.
    I can post to UK. But buyer should pay the cost.
    Please tell me what size you want.
    I will check the stock for you.

  • keiranne:

    luv Chaos,luv UK

  • Justin:

    Can you ship to the US? Also will you stock the Studded boots before George Cox closes?


  • chaospunk:

    Hi, Justin
    We can ship international, Buyer pay the shipping fee.
    And international buyer must pay through paypal.

    I don’t know which boots you mean.
    Would you give me more detail?

  • Justin:

    They’re from the Seditionaries collection like the bondage boots, George Cox makes them too. I heard the Westwood name for them was "Anti-Christ" boots, but George Cox just calls them Seditionaries boots. Do you have the red and black bondage boots in size 9 UK?

  • Justin:


    Can you sell me the red bondage boots in size 9 UK?

  • chaospunk:

    Hi, Justin!
    Sorry for reply so late.
    I check the stock, but we only have green one in UK9.
    And a good news is we will get “Anti-Christ” boots next month.

    Please let me know if you want the green bondage boots.

  • Justin:


    No, the green and brown are just a really ick color to me. But I’m really interested in the Anti-Christ boots, I have a pair from a friend but they’re too big.

  • Kate:

    Hi there,
    I would like boots like this or similar. Can you help?

    I require a womens UK size 6 and can pay shipping costs and send funds through Paypal if you have anything suitable in stock.

    Thanks, Kate

  • chaospunk:

    Hi, Kate
    We only have the product line of george cox.
    That’s vivienne westwood boots.
    Sorry, I can not help you.

  • jim:

    sen me the blak bondage boots please

  • chaospunk:

    What size you want?
    I can check the stock for you first.

  • hi me and my girlfriend would love some bondage boote
    womens red size 3
    mens green size 8 both uk

  • do you know how much they are in btitish pounds?

    we are desperate

  • Justin:

    Hi Kate,

    You can order the high heel bondage boots from Vivienne Westwoods Worlds End store. It has a site that should show up on a google search for active resistance. But I don’t think they have them with those straps, the straps are more beige.

  • Kibwe:


    I am interested in two things:

    1) I would like to know if you have the black/black bondage boot in a UK mens 9. What is the price in US dollars?

    2) I am looking for mens uk size 9 black suede George Cox chelsea elastic side boots on a ver high cuban heel. What is the price in US dollars?

    Thank You and Best,

  • Hey,

    I am going to be in Taipei next week and was wondering:
    1) How much your George Cox boots are (in New Taiwan dollars and in US dollars) and if you have received the Anti-Christ boots yet?
    2) If you have any size 9 or 10 men’s boots left in black

    Please, I love them so much, will try come pick them up this weekend…
    I hope you still have stock, otherwise could you reserve any for me? I’m desperate! Thank you so much….

    -South Africa…

  • Vivien Poon c/o Lee Coad:

    Hi, I was called yesterday and would like to buy 3 pairs of Bondage Boots from Taiwan but it needs delivering to Hong Kong. Just wondering that how to process this purchase. The order would be
    UK size 3 (european size 36) black and red boot

    UK size 8 (european size 41) brown and green boot

    UK size 9 (european size 42) brown and green boot

    Kindly reply. Thanks very much.

  • hi – wondering if you have this seditionaries boot in black size uk 4 and how much with postage to australia? thanx s

  • VC:

    Hello, we got ur size(uk 4) in black ! And the price of this boot is NT 8,225.- the postage is about NT1,000.-
    thank you.

  • thanx for your reply
    how do i go about purchasing them from you?
    I cant really read your web site
    Sam Australia

  • chris:

    Hi, do you have any idea where i can find these? please email me if you get this! thanks!

  • Ryan:

    I was just wondering how much would it cost to send the red canvas and black leather bondage boots by George cox to England including price and postage. Many thanks Ryan

  • Jeff:


    i’d like to know if you have any of the V Westwood/G Cox seditionaries ankle boots available in size 8 (42) in black (brown lining) or brown and green, or red and black. Could you let me know the price of them as well as shipping fee? thank you very much.

  • Jeff:


    i’d like to know if you have any of the V Westwood/G Cox Bondage ankle boots available in size 8 (42) in black (brown lining) or brown and green, or red and black. Could you let me know the price of them as well as shipping fee? thank you very much.

  • Joseph:

    Hello, can you ship these to the UK ? Size 10? If so please send over details. Thankyou

  • Kyle:

    Hello there! Do you have the red and black boots or the brown and green boots in a men’s UK size 10? And if so, how much are they including the shipping to the UK? Cheers! Kyle

  • Harry Waddington:

    Hi, i love all of the above boots and i was wondering how much they cost? Also if you have them in either a size 10.5 or 11?


  • Harry Waddington:

    Sorry forgot to ask if you post to the UK? I also have a preference to the red and brown pair.
    Thanks again.

  • Harry:

    Hi do you have any of the red and brown or just brown in a size 10.5 or 11 and can you ship them to the UK? Thanks.

  • jonathan turner:

    hi i was wondering which bondage boots you had in a size 6 and how much they would be inc postage to uk address. thanks alot

  • Cez James:

    Hi Could you tell me if you have a pair of the black canvas and black leather bondage boots in stock and how much they cost?

  • Dean:

    hello how much would a pair of size 11 red and black seditionaries boots be delivered to the uk?

  • Roberto:

    Hi, Cez James, what’s the size you want? And the price is NT 8,225.-

  • Roberto:

    Hi ,Dean, the shoes price is NT 8,225.- each pair and the postage is NT 1,000- each pair, but only the black leather with green canvas and brown leathers with green canvas have size UK11.

  • Rasmus:

    I wanted to hear if you’ve got the green ones in size 9 and if you Ship to Denmark?

  • Roberto:

    Hello, Rasmus. We have green canvas with black leather and brown leather in size 9. We could deliver to Denmark, but you have to pay the postage.

  • Josyane Bijoux:

    HI do you have black bondage boots in l;adies size 4 and how much are they?
    Thank you

  • Josyane Bijoux:

    Are you there still,no reply as yet was interested in bondage boots how mush womens size 4 how long to deliver to uk? do you do seditionaries tartan bondage trousers? be good to hear from you

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